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              Related Corporations of ZJLY GROUP

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              Zhejiang Liyang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and the company is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. According to the agency brand, business attributes and regional, we have established: "Zhejiang Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.", "Hangzhou Changlin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.", "Deqing Liyang Machinery Co., Ltd.", "Shanghai Vision Machinery Co., Ltd.", "Hangzhou Haojihui Machinery Co., Ltd." and other five independent companies, with a total registered capital of 56.3 million yuan. It is one of the most famous and influential sales and service agents of construction machinery, pavement and maintenance equipment in China, specializing in authorized international and domestic medium and high-grade construction machinery, pavement and maintenance equipment, construction machinery attachments, lubricants And general attachment Zhejiang, Shanghai regional sales and service agents. It has been the vice president, executive vice president and rotating chairman unit for five consecutive sessions of the China Construction Machinery Agency Working Committee since its establishment, the largest and most powerful construction machinery agency in Zhejiang Province, and the vice president of Hangzhou Civil Construction Entrepreneurs Association. unit.
              The company's main agent brands and products:
              VOLVO (Volvo) construction equipment, road machinery
              Shantui Machinery Co., Ltd. full range of construction machinery
              KEESTRACK milling machines, mobile crushers and screening equipment
              ATLAS COPCO (Atlas Copco) drilling rig, mobile air compressor
              MIKASA (Mikasa) road maintenance equipment
              Deji Asphalt Mixing Plant
              SHELL Shell Construction Machinery Special Lubricant
              Various construction machinery accessories
              General accessories for construction machinery
              The total number of employees in the company is more than 250, of which more than 80% are professional marketing, service and management personnel with professional education and many years of industry background. The company's total operating area (including branches) is 16,000m2. In addition to Hangzhou and Deqing headquarters, Zhejiang Province has Huzhou Branch, Jiaxing Branch, Shaoxing Branch, Ningbo Branch, Taizhou Branch, Wenzhou Branch, Jinhua Branch, Quzhou Branch, Lishui Company, Zhoushan Branch Ten wholly-owned subsidiaries and 28 service stations. In 2010, the company invested 47.5 million yuan to establish a construction machinery remanufacturing factory - Deqing Liyang Machinery Co., Ltd.
              Company business: agency brand promotion and sales of complete machines, after-sales maintenance and services, spare parts supply, financial services such as customer bank mortgage financing leasing, equipment operating leasing, construction machinery remanufacturing, sales of lubricants and general accessories, construction machinery With sales and installation, special application modification of construction machinery, equipment trade-in and second-hand equipment operation, customer training, technical consultation, etc.
              As the largest and most professional construction machinery and maintenance equipment agency company in Zhejiang Province, the company continues to improve and optimize internal management, and has established a complete set of standardized and standard internal basic management systems, fully applying the Internet, ERP, new media, online Marketing and other services and management systems have become a model for the basic management of China's construction machinery agent industry, and have made outstanding contributions to the management improvement of the entire domestic industry.
              The company takes "dedicated to the international and domestic famous brand of construction machinery, and wholeheartedly solves problems for construction machinery users" as its mission, and is committed to becoming a truly international-level construction machinery and maintenance machinery agency sales and service enterprises.

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