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              Service & Maintenance

              Related Corporations of ZJLY GROUP

              Service & Maintenance

              Our service capabilities
              Owns 4500M2 professional construction machinery maintenance factories, 4000 visual customer service systems networked nationwide, 5 quantitative customer satisfaction indicators, 28 service stations in the province, and 11 accessories companies with high standards to ensure all maintenance service needs in the use of user equipment;

              The "VOLVO Designated Authorized Second-hand Equipment Recycling Center Demonstration", "5S" and "Visual Site Management Certification" obtained by the overhaul workshop;
              Have a training room for physical disassembly and assembly of engines, pumps, valves, motors, cylinders and other hydraulic components, circuit control systems, and a complete technical training system for employees and customers;
              Won the first VOLVO "Master Cup Maintenance Service Competition" China Division Champion and Asia Pacific Division Champion, and represented the Asia Pacific region to participate in the Volvo Master Cup Global (Stockholm) Competition, and won the third place in the world;
              National Volvo engine maintenance competition (2015), won the national team championship and individual championship!
              In 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2020, the first place in the "Comprehensive Evaluation of Service Capability" of VOLVO's national agents for 4 consecutive years, and the second place in 2017 and 2019;
              For many years, it has won the “Top 20 and Top 50 National Construction Machinery Services” organized by the China Construction Machinery Agents Association;
              In the "2021 Zhejiang Construction Machinery Repair Vocational Skills Competition" sponsored by the Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions, the company included the province's excavator maintenance "group first", "group second" and "individual first place". ", "individual second place", "individual fourth place" and other five awards;
              Engaged in the modification of all construction machinery attachments and special applications, and the excavator pile driver modification factory designated by VOLVO;

              Our service satisfaction assessment indicators:
              · First-time response rate: After receiving 400 work orders, the service personnel responded to customer calls within 15 minutes with a rate of 100%;
              · Timely rate of arrival at the construction site: 2 hours to arrive at the construction site for downtime failures, 6 hours for general failures;
              One-time repair rate: more than 85% repair rate within 24 hours;
              · Attitude satisfaction: 100% satisfaction with the return visit of maintenance service attitude;
              · One-time delivery rate of accessories: The one-time delivery rate of customers purchasing accessories is 88-92%

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